It is a wonder any farmers can stay in business

To The Editor:

I commend The Enterprise on the editorial in this week’s Dec. 12, issue: “Amend the law so aging farmers can keep farming their land.”  This so hits the nail on the head!

We have come to a point where it is no longer “government for the people, by the people.”  It is now government for the benefit of the elected elite and their wealthy corporate supporters.  It seems that every new law/regulation that is enacted puts yet one more financial burden on those who can afford it least. 

Thinking of farmers in particular, when you consider all the government mandated regulations they must meet and the added cost of doing so, it is a wonder any of them can stay in business, particularly in New York State with its honor of being one of the highest taxed states in the country.

Now I am hearing commercials on TV about opening a business in a “tax-free zone.”  What about doing something to ease the tax burden on small businesses and farms, which would probably do as much to encourage those entities to stay in New York as offering a tax-free zone to a rare few who meet a requirement of opening a business in a designated, small, localized area?

I recall a letter to the editor a few weeks ago from a man who had a business in Guilderland and was forced to close that business because of the “cost of doing business” in that location.  I am sure that happens every day somewhere in New York, the “high-tax state.”

Marilyn Miles

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