Thanks to Tom Chandler who helped a hurt fawn

To the Editor:

The Guilderland Parks Department deserves a big "Thank You!" 

Recently, C.J. Gallup and Linda Cure made great efforts to resolve a problem in the Nott Road Park that greatly improves safety.  Sport teams were going the wrong way on a one-way road and causing near collisions and danger to children trying to cross the road.

They contacted all the teams and put up signs to keep drivers going the right way.  At the same time, they made sure that dog-park parking was secured by placing cones and extra signs.  What a relief to be able to park!

Finally, and most gratefully, "Thank You!" to Tom Chandler, who is the ideal Parks Department employee, combining knowledge of the parks and compassion for the wildlife that live in them. 

He went above and beyond to help this town of Guilderland resident to check on an injured fawn.  He is always kind, considerate, polite, and helpful.

Thanks to all of the parks' staff for keeping ours parks in such great shape. 

Christina Diamente


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