I’m committed to providing excellent service

To the Editor:

I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to our Guilderland residents who have used the town website to access the minutes of our board meetings.

I strive to make the minutes as informative as possible.  I’ve included almost verbatim the remarks made at public hearings.

In an effort to update those residents who access the board minutes online, I am going to post a concise summary of the board meeting within a couple days of each meeting.

In addition, in regard to the comments in last week’s letter submitted by Mr. [Mike] Rest, the minutes are strictly the responsibility of the town clerk, not that of the town board.  As a first-term town clerk, I am committed to learning my new responsibilities and to providing our residents with excellent service.

Jean Cataldo
Guilderland Town Clerk

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Leslie LaGuardia , Guilderland Central High School, Class of 1976

January was a busy month for the Helderberg Ambulance Squad. There were 38 calls with 19 transports. The majority of these calls were medical. There were 24 calls in Berne and 14 calls in Knox. The Albany County Sheriff’s Office paramedic and the Guilderland paramedic rode with the squad on 10 calls.

Pat Lightbody, Deputy Senior Advocate, Knox