Most millennials learned how to avoid getting caught in their own net

To the Editor:

While I have been a resident of the area and reader of The Enterprise since the late 1960's, I believe this is my first letter to your newspaper. The letter regarding "today's generation" and "narcissim" (sic) in the May 29 edition forced my hand.

I was unable to resist commenting on the irony manifest in the sentence "Many in today's generation probably do not know what the word means, let alone how to spell it" (emphasis added). While the headline writer should not have misspelled "narcissism" either, I am assuming they simply copied it from the text of the letter.

For what it's worth, after I retired, I was a substitute teacher at the Voorheesville Central School District for about 11 years and had some experience with "millennials.”  Perhaps it was the ubiquitous Spell Check software but spelling words like narcissism did not seem to be a widespread difficulty.

In any case, most of these young people, despite their tweeting and Googling, learned how to avoid getting caught in their own net.

Steve Walter

Editor’s note: We should have caught and corrected the error in spelling.

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