We are committed to informing Americans of the deceit deteriorating our freedoms

To the Editor:

Fellow patriots, I would like to remind you all that this Sunday, May 18, at the town park in Berne, the New York Revolution Capital District will be presenting a Constitutional Awareness and Voter Registration Forum.

Representatives from the NYR and the NY2A Coalition will be on hand to defend and provide the knowledge to defend the Second Amendment and the Constitution. Discussions and speakers will cover topics including the misnamed NY SAFE Act [New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act], the Founding Fathers’ 28 Principles of Liberty, jury nullification, and voter registration. There will be voter registration forms, pocket Constitutions, and tips for family and community prepping.

The New York Revolution is a peaceful grassroots organization with the purpose of waking up Americans to the reality of our civil liberties. We are committed to informing Americans of the deceit deteriorating our freedoms. With this knowledge, Americans become active patriots in restoring the initial purpose of the Constitution thus ensuring our civil liberties and freedoms.

The New York Second Amendment Grassroots Coalition was formed in February 2013 after the passage of the misnamed NY SAFE Act. Working with groups throughout the entire state, the coalition has one goal: defeating this outrageous legislation.

We hope to see you take advantage of the informational forum this Sunday and meet with like-minded patriots who want to restore and preserve the American way of life.

God bless America.

Sean S. Lyons
New York Revolution Capital District
Albany County Zone Leader

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