Not good to close addiction center

To the Editor:           

I was glad to see that the Guilderland Police will be carrying a heroin overdose injection remedy. That is a good thing.

Not so good is the closure of the Peter Young Addiction Center. Apparently about 40 other centers in New York State have also closed. This was brought about by a lack of funding.

The investigation by the New York State Attorney General it seems has made people very reticent to give donations. The investigation has gone on for over three years and now a grand jury is in place and Father Young was called to testify.

I do not know Father Young personally and have no knowledge of the case beyond what as in the Enterprise story. But I will say this: With all the heroin deaths and the heroin emergency in New York and surrounding states one of two things needs to happen:

— 1. More is made known about Father Young's indiscretions; or

— 2. The New York State Attorney General has a lot of explaining to do.

I hope The Enterprise keeps on top of this story. It seems to me that many people have become quite sick or died due to a lack of treatment and the closure of these centers, which would treat that illness, needs to be explained.  And explained fully. And very importantly — justified.

I would be interested in the Altamont Enterprise editor's opinion.

Thomas Revitt

Editor’s note: We expressed our opinion in an April 3, 2014 editorial, “Mr. Schneiderman, indicting Father’s Young’s work would miss the mark,” available online at

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