Article Accomplished Nothing

To the Editor:

After reading your Feb. 21 article concerning a State Trooper, I felt compelled to write The Enterprise. I feel it was nothing but airing dirty laundry of an unhappy … [separated] husband.  This article accomplished nothing.

There are four young children in this break-up. I know all the children because of my work [as a school-bus driver] and they are all wonderful children. Don’t you think they have enough to deal with?  How do you think you made these kids feel, seeing their parents’ names in the paper? What were you thinking?

I felt like I was reading The Altamont Enquirer not The Altamont Enterprise.  I am not on anyone’s side here except the children. In the future, I hope you think twice before you write an article that involves young children.

Chris Allard


Editor’s note: When a citizen came to us alleging harassment from a State Trooper, we said we’d need proof. When he came in with phone records, we looked at the allegations, and, leaving out many personal details, focused on the matters of public concern — that is, how the State Police were handling the allegations of abuse of police power and spending of public funds.

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