Damage in Fairview Cemetery

To the Editor:

Cemeteries all over New York State are having monetary issues and Fairview Cemetery is no different. For this reason, it is especially painful to find damage to the cemetery.

This past winter, someone took it upon themselves to plow the cemetery and, as a result, we have marker stones that were hit and plow damage to the grounds resulting in a $4800 proposal for the repair.

It is very difficult to get volunteers to help and this is money needed for mowing.

We respect the families’ ability to visit, mourn, and celebrate the lives of loved ones. Cemetery rules are in place to maintain our ability to effectively care for the grounds and thus we need to post this public notice, informing all visitors that no one should take it upon themselves to work or provide services to the cemetery without the explicit permission, direction, and supervision of the cemetery board or its designees.

Jeff Gregory
The Fairview Cemetery Board of Directors