Your words illuminated the essence of my mother

To the Editor:

Although Freehold is beyond the usual range of the Altamont Enterprise coverage area, I have subscribed for twenty-some years, for a number of reasons, but mostly because I respect the quality Jim, Melissa, and staff have contributed to my understanding of the nearby Hilltown, and beyond, communities.

For the past four years, while my mother (Constance Teator) lived at Good Samaritan, I would visit weekly, reading aloud The Old Men of the Mountain column, as well as other articles I thought she would be interested in.

I read my last OMOTM piece to her two weeks ago. She passed away, and then The Enterprise immortalized her in another classic column — the obituaries.

Marcello [Iaia], thank you for a character portrayal that illuminated the essence of my mother. If words could become life, you came as close as a writer can do.

And to Jim Gardner and Melissa Hale-Spencer (and staff), thank you for maintaining a quality newspaper that serves the community well, and for an obituary that will be remembered in the Teator household as long as we live.

Don Teator

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