Delay an example of Guilderland’s poor business climate

To the Editor:

This past week (March 4) I attended the all-Democrat Guilderland Town Board meeting as they presented a Keystone Cops version of government, to the detriment of both business and residents.

A month earlier, the board set a public hearing for March 4t concerning a 210-unit development behind 1700 Western Avenue. Though the hearing required proper legal notice to nearby residents, the town botched the notice.

It left residents scrambling to get to the meeting using only word of mouth. The mistake forced the board to continue the hearing to April 1.

Supervisor Ken Runion did not disclose the error until after a resident speaking out at the hearing complained about the poor notice. Only then did Mr. Runion acknowledge the blunder and conceded he did know about it prior to the meeting.

This needless delay is another example of Guilderland's poor business climate. It will cost the developer more because he must pay his team to be present at yet another meeting, a process that has already taken three years! This also left residents, understandably, frustrated and angry.

Managing growth is one of the town's top issues. The process should be efficient and transparent. It’s unfortunate that the past 15 years of rule by Democrats has produced an atrophy that leads to amateur hour.

Michael Rest

Editor’s note: Michael Rest is a member of the Guilderland Republican Committee. To read a story on the hearing, go online to

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