Support Hitmans Towing by signing petition and attending March 11 meeting

To the Editor:

Thank you all who turned out at the recent Knox Town Board meeting and the planning board meeting to support the request that the town board amend the 1974 town zoning laws to allow Hitmans Towing to continue to operate in the town.

At the recent planning board meeting, in response to the town board’s request that the planning board select a way to amend the town zoning law that would have the least impact on the town, the planning board selected the option of making the area encompassing Hitmans a business/mixed-use district.

This is progress and I thank the planning board for a long night, working to reach this decision.

Hitmans Towing will be discussed at the next town board meeting on March 11. The town board can make a motion to amend the zoning laws at that meeting.  It is now very important for you to let the town board know that you support this amendment.  

In order to show our elected representatives that there is overwhelming support for this business in the town, we need as many signatures as possible on the petition.  The petition is available at the Township Tavern on Route 146 and at the Helderberg True Value hardware store in East Berne.  You may also sign the petition online at

We need to show the board that the residents and property owners of Knox support this well run, clean business in the town that provides a vital service.

It would be great if we could get as many signatures as possible before the March 11 town board meeting.  In addition to signing the petition, if you can attend the March 11 town board meeting, that would show the members of the board that there is widespread community support for this business.

The board members are elected to represent the people of the town.

Let your opinion be heard; please sign the petition and attend the March 11 town board meeting if you can.

Anna Wolfe

Editor’s note: Anna Wolfe is the wife of Knox Planning Board member Thomas Wolfe.

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