Public participation is key to making the comprehensive plan meaningful

To the Editor:

The town of Knox is in the process of updating its comprehensive plan, which was adopted in 1995.  The methodology for the update process comes from recommendations by Nan Stolzenburg, an experienced and well-respected local expert in planning, who is familiar with our community.

Informational meetings to solicit volunteers were held in 2013 on Jan. 22 and Feb. 11.  The town board members are serving as the committee, along with individuals who volunteered to participate.  The comprehensive plan update is addressed at monthly meetings of the town board. 

Responses to a “visioning” survey are the foundation for questions on a public survey that is being drafted.  Thirty-seven people have participated in three specially scheduled workshops that have been held to develop the public survey, which will be mailed to each household in Knox. 

Public participation is key to making the comprehensive plan meaningful and representative of the values of our citizens.

The support of all who have attended the workshops, as well as the many others who have offered their thoughts and ideas for the update of the comprehensive plan, is very much appreciated. 

Any Knox residents who would like information or would like to contribute are welcome to contact me at or 618-5376.       

Amy Lauterbach Pokorny

Editor’s note: Amy Lauterbach Pokorny is a member of the Knox Town Board.

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