We’re sending our thanks to the men who plow with rumbles and clanks

To the Editor:

I wonder if you still have the poem my father wrote about the men who drive the snowplows. Maybe you could put it in the next Enterprise.

I think about the drivers all the time and how dedicated and hardworking they are.


The Men Who Run the Snowplows


The weatherman has forecast

That snow is on the way.

There should be about 12 inches 

By the break of day.


At night we crawl into our beds

For a long and cozy sleep.

While outside in the cold of night

The snow is getting deep.


But then we hear the rumble 

As the snowplow makes its way

To make it possible for us

To go to work another day.


When the roads are slick and icy

And we shouldn't drive at all,

It's just another work day

For the men who spread the salt.


We're telling you who have to rise

So early in the day,

How much we appreciate

You've cleared the snow away.


So when you men are plowing

With your rumbles and your clanks,

We want you to remember

We're sending you our thanks.

Bob Shedd
February 2004

Diane Wozniak

Editor’s note: The late Bob Shedd was a frequent and beloved contributor to The Enterprise.

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