Support towing business in Knox

To the Editor:

The next Knox Town Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 11, at 7:30 p.m. I have requested that the subject of allowing Hitmans towing business to continue to operate on Route 146 be discussed at the meeting. 

This issue has been before the town’s planning board and the zoning board of appeals.  The planning board voted first to allow the creation of a business district on Route 146 and then subsequently reversed its decision.

The zoning board of appeals determined that the 1974 zoning law does not allow it to issue a special-use permit.  The town issued a ticket to the business.

The hearing was postponed until March, at which time the business will be subject to large fines for operating in a residential area.

The town board has the authority to amend the 1974 zoning law (Article VII, Section 70 A) in order to allow this business to continue to operate.  This issue is important to the future of the town.

Please attend the Feb. 11 town board meeting where community members will bring this issue before the town board for discussion.

Anna Wolfe

Editor’s note: Anna Wolfe is the wife of Knox Planning Board member Tom Wolfe.

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