Kids need More P.E. time

To the Editor:

Should physical-education classes be longer?  I strongly believe they should be.  Here are some reasons why.

P.E. time should be longer because kids need exercise.  Without exercise, we won’t be focused in class.  Without exercise, we would be tired.

Some people think, with less P.E. time, we could have more time for important things like math, science, and word study.  P.E. actually uses math when we keep score and time in games.

P.E. helps your heart beat faster, which gets more blood to your brain so you think better.  P.E. is one of the most important subjects.

For all these reasons, I strongly believe that P.E. should be longer.  Our health is really important.

Liam Flaherty
Fourth grade
Altamont Elementary School

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