Pet ownership involves responsibility for the actions of the pet

To the Editor:

I'm writing in response to the Enterprise article regarding Barbara Huba's pet collie, Sophie, that was shot and killed by a nearby homeowner, Michele Salerno, whose duck was slaughtered by Sophie. Ms. Huba has managed to turn her friends and neighbors against this man who was within the law to kill animals destroying his livestock.

As grief stricken as Ms. Huba may be regarding the loss of her pet, the fact is that she disregarded the law, which states that dogs must be restrained at all times.  Pet ownership involves responsibility for the actions of the pet.

No matter how well behaved and loving a pet dog may be within its family, when a dog is allowed to run free, his instincts may surface and he may chase, injure, and kill other animals:  deer; cats; and, yes, ducks.

In addition, a dog (or cat) that is allowed to roam free may be chased and killed by coyotes — who would want this end for a beloved family pet?

If Ms. Huba had obeyed the law and had not allowed Sophie to roam, she would still have her beautiful pet and Mr. Salerno would not have had to take the action he did and his animal would be alive.  Mr. Salerno is not a villain.

Mary Raczkowski

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