Business district will build a stronger, more vibrant Knox

To the Editor:

The topic of a business district and a business-friendly town government is not a new one. It has, however, been given a new breath on Tuesday evening at a Knox public hearing,  thanks to some very energetic and motivated citizens who would like to see the town prosper and be the community it was in the past. 

It was encouraging to see many of my neighbors come out to voice their opinions and concerns about having a business district in the hamlet of Knox. The majority were in support of this new business district; in fact, several felt that it should encompass a larger area.

It's unfortunate that it has taken this long and that the face of the town has been reduced to several vacant dilapidated buildings, and an abandoned post office and store. It is nice to see that the town board is finally acting on this and I hope the calls of its citizens will not fall on deaf ears and will not be postponed much longer.

I, personally, fully support the creation of a business district and believe that this, and the newly created allowance for senior housing, will compliment each other and the town and make Knox a place where people want to live.

I also agree that this business district #1 should not only be limited to the currently proposed area, but be expanded further along Berne-Altamont Road.

The creation of this business district will bring added revenue to the town and may even lessen the tax burden on the people. It will create a better sense of community by allowing entrepreneurs and citizens the opportunity to invest in our town.

It will build a stronger, more vibrant Knox, while providing the people in the rest of the Hilltowns with some basic conveniences. This can all be accomplished while still maintaining the identity of "The Hill" and our community as long as the town board, planning board, and other various committees act as a conduit for this much-needed creation and not an obstruction.

Bob Altieri

Candidate for Knox Town Board