Altamont Enterprise, June 26, 1914


All Children Entering School Next September Must be Vaccinated — State Law Which Must be Complied With.

The Public Health Law, as now in force, provides that every child entering school on the first of September next, shall present a certificate from the family physician or one appointed to perform the service that the child shows satisfactory evidence of successful vaccination or has been recently vaccinated. Two features of the statutes relating to this subject are as follows:

(1) It is the duty of Boards of Education in cities and Union Free School districts and trustees of School districts to enforce this law in their respective cities and districts.

(2) No child or person who has not been vaccinated should be received or admitted into any public school in this state. Boards of Education and trustees are given no discretion whatever in this matter. The law is mandatory in its provisions. Penalties are provided for failure to enforce it and school authorities should therefore promptly comply with its directions.

In view of the above provisions, parents or guardians of children attending school are earnestly urged to comply with these requirements. Blank certificates have been furnished to all physicians in the town.

JESSE CROUNSE, M.D., Health Officer


Commencement Exercises

This year the graduating class numbered six. They were John H. Gade of Guilderland, Miss Camille Gallup of East Berne, Orren James Finch of Altamont, Harold Edward Furbeck of Altamont, Harold James Shoudy of Oneonta, and Erskine Borst Shultes of Berne.

The exercises were held on Tuesday evening in the Masonic hall and were attended by about 500 people. The program was an interesting one and was as follows:

Processional, Mildred T. Lainhart; Invocationm Rev. G. W. Furbeck; Chorus, “A Warrior Bold”; Declamation, “Speech of Patrick Henry,” John Hauf Gade; Declamation, “Spartacus and the Gladiators,” Harold E. Furbeck; Vocal Solo, “A Perfect Day,” Miss Ismay Watson; Declamation, “Jerry, the Bobbin Boy,” Harold J. Shoudy; Chorus, “Night in Seville”; Reading, “Claudius and Cynthia,” Miss Camille Gallup; Declamation, “A Modest Lad,” Orren J. Finch; Semi- Chorus, “Welcome, Pretty Primrose”; Valedictory, Erskine B. Shultes; Violin Solo, “Scene de Ballet,” Ivan A. Sand; Remarks to Graduating Class, Principal John G. Atwood; Conferring of Diplomas; Reports of Judges on Essays and Speaking; Presentation of Prizes; Chorus, “Out on The Deep”; Benediction, Rev. Geo. W. Furbeck;

The essays written by the graduates were as follows: John H. Gade, “The Panama Canal.” Harold J. Shoudy, “Noted Women Financiers.” Orren J. Finch, “Panama Canal Tolls.” Harold E. Furbeck, “America’s Advancement.” Camille Gallup, “The Aim in Life.”
The committee to judge the essays written by members of the graduating class, and to judge the delivery of the readings and declamations, was composed of Mr. Charles N. Gilbert and Mr. and Mrs. William D. Goold of Albany. Miss Camille Gallup was awarded first prize for the essays. The prize was a gold medal. Harold E. Furbeck was given first honorable mention and Orren J. Finch second honorable mention. Miss Gallup also won the medal for the best reading given by a girl of the graduating class. The Van Wormer prize, ten dollars in gold, which is awarded the boy giving the best declamation at the exercises, was won by Harold E. Furbeck, Harold J. Shoudy was awarded honorable mention.

Erskine B. Shultes, the valedictorian, won the scholarship medal of gold which is given to the student who has attained the highest average in scholarship during the four years.

The Van Wormer prize is given by Mr. Francis Van Wormer of Dunnsville, who has the interest of education, the school and good citizenship at heart, and is for the purpose of promoting ability as public speakers. Mr. Van Wormer is to be highly commended for his generosity and interest in the Altamont High school.

Each year it has been the custom of the graduating class to leave some memorial to the school. Observing this custom, the class of 1914 presented two bronze busts, one of Washington and the other of Lincoln. These have been placed in the assembly room at the High school.

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