Altamont Enterprise, April 3, 1914

JUSTIFIED PROTEST. The State Grange is entirely justified in its protest, through its secretary, W. N. Giles, against the shameful ignoring of the organization by Governor Glynn in appointing members of the State Fair Commission. Governor Glynn last week appointed William Driscoll, a Syracuse lawyer, to be a member of the Commission. All the other members are also lawyers. The Grange is the greatest single force for the improvement of agriculture in this State. The Grange originated the State Fair which is intended primarily to stimulate interest in agriculture and stock raising. Up until January 1st last the Grange was represented on the Commission. The State Fair is the farmer’s exposition, but through politics, the farmer is not now represented on the managing board.

Governor Glynn made a serious mistake in not giving farmers representation on the Commission. A State Fair Commission of lawyers would be a joke, if it were not a serious insult to the agricultural interests. The personnel of the Commission shows more plainly than anything else just where the farmer and his interests really stand with the man who is now Chief Executive, if the farmer and his interests happen to come in conflict with the political plans of Martin H. Glynn.

And another thing. Why, if no farmers were wanted, should the State Fair Commission be given over entirely to lawyers? Why this persistence of the lawyer in the halls of legislation and the offices of administration? It is high time that a change be made. The management of a State or a municipality is a matter of business, and the businessman is as well fitted to make laws and administer them as anyone else. Moreover, the farmer is a businessman. Why should lawyers solely be depended on to make laws, enforce laws — and break laws? This is not an attack upon lawyers merely as lawyers. It is a justified criticism of the practice of showing everyone else aside for them and of their too frequent appearance in  public places for which they are not fitted and where, consequently, they have no business.



FOR SALE — Seed potatoes, best late variety. Reference; any one who planted our seed last year. W. D. Cummings, Fullers.

FOR SALE — Eggs for Hatching — R. C. Rhode Island Reds, (Thompsons strain.) S. C. White Leghorn stock originially from (Young) pen headed with Cockerel direct from (Young) Price 5 cents apiece. V. Whitford, Westerlo.

FOR SALE — 20 head Holstein calves and yearlings, also a few bulls, all from high grade stock. For service, registered O. I. C. boar. 2 years old. Price 50c. Jay Engle, East Berne.

FOR SALE — Farm 73 acres, ½ mile north-east of Guilderland Center, excellent condition, fine orchard in bearing, young apple and pear orchard. Ideal location. Enos Stalker, Guilderland Centre

FOR SALE — Yoke of oxen 6 years old, well broken and very handy, could not be better, wgt 3500. Also 12 Oxfordown ewes and 6 young lambs Choice lot. Cyrus Crounse Altamont.

FOR SALE— 2 Holstein heifers, 2 ½ years old with calves, good ones; 2 springers same age. C. C. LaGrange, Slingerlands.

FOR SALE — Maxwell runabout car, good condition, $200. Alvin Warner, Altamont.

FOR SALE — One cheap work horse, inquire of A. J. Wiltsie, Box 13 Feura Bush.

FOR SALE — Seed oats. Erskine Armstrong, Gallupville.

FOR SALE — 100 bu. seed oats F. Richtemyre, Route 3, Altamont.

FOR SALE — New milch cow and calf. Curtis Pitcher, Altamont.

FOR SALE — 20 tons of hay, also seed oats. Jacob M. Becker, Altamont.

FOR SALE — My property on Main Street, Voorheesville. One family house, seven rooms and bath, heater, gas light, hot water boiler connected with range, large barn, fruit trees, lot 50x300. Charles A. Relyea, 240 Delaware Avenue, Albany, N. Y.

FOR SALE — Towar Farm, Slingerlands, N. Y. has for sale about fifteen tons of baled Oat Straw and about forty tons of baled Timothy Hay; also, three covered milk wagons, two double and one single; also, eggs for hatching, from Single Comb White Leghorns and Fawn and White Indian Runner Ducks, One Dollar per setting. Inquire of Mr. Oliver J. Wright at the farm, or of Charles F. Bridge, 82 State street, Albany, N. Y.

WANTED — Married man to work on farm, also single man, must be steady and reliable. Chas. Bender, Slingerlands, N. Y., R. D.

WANTED — A girl, good wages. Altamont Steam Laundry.

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