In the last month, Guilderland Police have twice turned over foreign-born men to federal immigration officials — once following a routine traffic stop in which no tickets appear to have been issued. Lawlor said that it is up to an officer’s discretion, whether or not to contact immigration officials to examine someone’s documentation.

Arzu Demircan of Guilderland came to this country from Turkey a year ago and now owns her own store in Crossgates Mall. Her long-term goal, though, is to become a professor.

The Altamont Village Board approved Wayde Bush as a new planning board member, following Kevin Clancy’s resignation.

A bear police say was seen in Guilderland Wednesday will probably move out of the area as quickly as it appeared, said a wildlife biologist from the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation.

The town is set to receive $2.4 million for a $4 million water project that will set up a permanent connection with Rotterdam and will expand municipal water to West Old State and Fuller Station roads as well as replacing an old water tower in Fort Hunter.

The infamous “jump” that drew teen thrill-seekers for years on Hurst Road in Guilderland — to go well above the speed limit in hopes of getting their cars airborne — is being regraded to a “gentle slope,” said Highway Superintendent Steve Oliver this week.

Lawrence T. Staubach, who was 22, died on Oct. 2 when the SUV he was driving on Bozenkill Road in Altamont left the roadway and hit trees. He was alone in the car.

The Altamont fire chief said this morning he could not confirm if the person had been killed until the coroner arrived.

At its Sept. 12 meeting, the Guilderland School Board voted to affix a notice to the deed for property the school district owns — just north of the football field and including the northern end of the new bus depot — stating that any future construction on the land would involve a risk of vapor intrusion and that, in the event of planned development, the Army Corps of Engineers has offered to investigate and mitigate the risk.

GUILDERLAND — As required by the state, the Guilderland School District is working to reduce the lead found in water in many of its sinks and faucets, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds Clifford Nooney said Tuesday.