On Tuesday, June 24, the Altamont Elementary School third-graders performed their final musical program at the Altamont Seniors’ Center. We have had the rare opportunity this year to witness the children’s growth in many ways, including their musical abilities.

We will surely miss their visits as they move on up to fourth grade.

Following the musical program, we all enjoyed an ice-cream dessert.

The children shared their plans for this summer. The seniors shared their memories of summers when they were elementary-school students. What fun.

We thank their teachers for arranging the visits, bringing us much joy. We also thank them and Stewart’s for providing the ice cream and toppings for the make-your-own-sundae dessert.

The Altamont Seniors are now looking forward to a day trip to Raquette Lake, on Thursday, July 24.

The Enterprise — Jordan J. Michael

A 1950s hand jive gets new life as Altamont Elementary third-graders perform Tuesday for the Altamont Seniors. “Most of you were alive,” music teacher Annemarie Farrell told the group. “I know you used to jive.”

The Enterprise — Jordan J. Michael

Grand finale: Altamont Elementary school third-graders, including Keara Higgins, at left, sing for the last time this school year to the Altamont Seniors at their Tuesday luncheon. The children frequently visit the group of elders, which meets at the parish center across the street from their school.

What a fun time was had by all the Altamont Seniors on Tuesday, June 24. We met for lunch as usual at St. Lucy's Parish Center. Thirty-two enthusiastic, friendly folks, looking forward to a few hours of mingling with friends, were on hand.

Lunch was good, but the best part was to come, a surprise dessert, suggested by the Altamont Elementary School third-graders (and their teachers). The students were presenting their final program for this school year, a program that showed us how they have grown from the fall of 2013 to summer of 2014.

We've heard them sing, play instruments, join us in games, and converse with us. Tuesday, they sang patriotic songs, some of which we could sing along with them! Fun time.

Following the program, we — students and seniors alike — were treated to a grand dessert of ice cream sundaes, with multiple choices for toppings: chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch, marshmallow, and candy sprinkles.

This wonderful assortment of toppings for the ice cream plus everything needed with which to serve it — cups, spoons, scoops for dishing it out, napkins — was all generously provided by our own neighborhood Stewart’s.

Thought everyone should hear about our fun afternoon, in our wonderful Altamont community, where everyone is family!

Thank you, Stewart’s; thank you, third-graders; thank you, teachers; and thank you, Altamont Elementary School for making these programs available to us.

Have a safe an enjoyable summer, one and all.


Tuesday, June 10, was our last school lunch until September.

June being “Elder Abuse Awareness Month” representatives from the Albany County District Attorney’s Office presented S.A.L.T (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together.)

Representatives from the State’s Office of Children and Family Services provided information on services available.

Representatives from the 1st National Bank of Scotia also presented information on “Preventing Elder Financial Abuse.” We are greatful to them for all the information helping us to be more aware.

Coming Up

On Tuesday, June 17, there will be no lunch at the parish center. The group will be going to The Culinary Institute in Hyde Park.

On Tuesday, June 24, we’ll have lunch at St. Lucy’s Parish Center as usual. The Kitchen Angels will be preparing on site, our lunches each Tuesday until September. Doors open 11:30 a.m. Lunch is served 12:30 p.m. Call Winnie at 861-8554. This day the Altamont Elementary School. Third graders will be joining us for their final visit before school ends.


Tuesday, April 15, Altamont Seniors met for a special lunch prepared for us by Karen Darling: enchiladas with sides of salsa, sour cream, and a cold black bean salad. A dessert of apple pie, baked by Roberta Ehlert, was served and topped with a scoop of ice cream.

Following lunch, we observed Holy-Week with our annual ecumenical service. Officiating was Sister Mary Lou Liptak, Sister Pat Davis of St. Lucy/St. Bernedette Catholic Church; Pastor Greg Zajac of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church; and Joanne Carnish also of St. Lucy/St. Bernedette.

We thank them for bringing this service to us.

Recently, several new members have joined the group. We hope they enjoy coming and will continue to do so.

Several weeks ago, Boy Scout Troop 51 presented to the seniors small clay pots in which “mystery” seeds were planted. Mine has been steadily growing and the stems are approximately eight inches long cascading over the pot.

The leaves indicate that the forthcoming flower may be a nasturtium. Thank you Scouts. Troop 51 meets at St. John’s Church on Maple Avenue.

Kathy Adams and Jean Owens are making arrangements for some day trips, which we are looking forward to. Come join us for a day away.

If you would be interested in joining us for lunch, games, programs, and sometimes entertainment, call Winnie Klenotiz at 861-5161. We meet each Tuesday.

Lunch is served at 12:30p.m. Come earlier, if you choose, and socialize.

Have a happy and blessed Easter.

How fortunate we are here in upstate, New York where we consider snow storms an inconvenience but are able to carry on anyway, a place where we have the necessary equipment and manpower to keep our roads cleared.

This takes me back in time to the day after I retired, Nov. 3, 1993. The following morning, Nov. 4, I awoke at the usually go-to-work time, and looked out the window to see these thick beautiful snowflakes cascading down.

My thought was “If I were still working, I would now have to shovel a pathway to my car, start up the engine to warm it, and remove all the snow off the car, all before leaving for work”

With my coffee mug in my hand, still looking out my window at the beautiful view, I prayed, “thank you, God” for helping me to make the right decision to retire at this time. I no longer have to deal with icy and heavily trafficked roads in order to reach Corporate Woods

At Altamont Oaks, it is necessary for tenants to clear the snow accumulated on their cars and then move them from one area to another so the snow removal crew can clear our parking areas and the inner roadway. Some of the younger neighbors have been coming out each snow storm taking care of, not only their own vehicles, but also doing the same for those of us who find it really difficult to do.

They Call this “neighbor helping neighbor.” They do this with kindness for which we are very grateful.

Students Charm

On Tuesday, Feb. 11, the Altamont Elementary School third graders and their teachers visited us and entertained us with music played on their recorders and then sang some lovely tunes.

Then they played a game with us similar to bingo. We received our cards with numbers on them.

The teacher would call out a division example. If the answer number appeared on the card, we would place  disc on it. Until someone filled five spaces and called “bingo.” It was so much fun.

The students are so fast and smart. It also helped us seniors to exercise our little gray cells.

We love having them visit and hope they will continue to do so.

Bluegrass and Galumpke

On Tuesday, Feb. 18, we were treated to a delicious luncheon of Galumpke (also know as stuffed cabbage) and a dessert prepared by our newest kitchen angel, Karen Darling.

Thank you, Karen, and all the volunteer angels who do so much for us.

Following lunch, we enjoyed some wonderful bluegrass music.

Recently we welcomed new members to our group: Alice Brown, Flo and Ron Clough, and Elise Herzog. We hope they enjoy coming.

We are now looking forward to spring, warmer weather, and some day trips. If you would care to join us, we meet each Tuesday for a 12:30 luncheon. Please call Winnie at 861-5161. We meet at St. Lucy/St. Bernadette Center.

Keep warm.