Melissa Hale-Spencer

Guilderland School Board
Raises for administrators, a clean audit, no idling buses

GUILDERLAND — The school board is examining health-care benefits for district employees, which this year cost $8.2 million or 10.8 percent of the district’s $76 million budget.

VOORHEESVILLE — Last Thursday, the girls on the Guilderville swim team wore T-shirts they had made for their meet at Burnt Hills. The shirts said, "This one’s for you Ed."

GUILDERLAND — In its first step to develop next year’s district budget, the school board Tuesday heard from a dozen residents — two of them children — on a variety of issues.

GUILDERLAND — A red ribbon stretched across the new entrance to Farnsworth Middle School last Thursday evening as two score gathered to celebrate the completion of the school’s $20 million expansion project.

"When he’d sailed off in his ship, Odysseus had made Mentor steward of his household, charging them to follow what the old man ordered, and telling Mentor to keep all property secure."

— Homer, the Odyssey, translated by Ian Johnston

A $9.4 million federal grant, to be spent over six years, will bring mental-health services to the rural Hilltowns and to two other resource centers in Albany County — one in the city and the other in the suburbs.

GUILDERLAND — Will what is left of the Army depot become a town park"

At a recent Altamont garage sale, we found a scrapbook put together during World War II. The cover — in red, white, and blue — says "Home Defense Against Accidents."


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