Mary Ellen Johnson

A rainy Memorial Day in 1928 found three very elderly Civil War veterans present at ceremonies being held indoors that year at Hamilton Union Presbyterian Church due to the bad weather.

Any strangers observed passing through Guilderland during the late 19th and early 20th centuries were quickly spotted and carefully observed by the locals who were familiar with their own friends a

“Spring is coming,” The Altamont  Enterprise editor announced in the March 10, 1888 “Home Matters” column.

“Spring is coming,” The Altamont  Enterprise editor announced in the March 10, 1888 “Home Matters” column.

Splintered over the contentious issue of slavery, the 1860 Democratic convention nominated Stephen A. Douglas as its presidential candidate while breakaway Democrats nominated J.C.

Even today, over 70 years after the event, the excitement generated by the prospect of the Roosevelt Birthday Ball comes through just by reading The Enterprise’s January and February 1934 headlines. Altamont’s most important and highly anticipated social gathering in many years was scheduled on the president’s actual Jan.

Meteorologically in these parts, November has the least sunshine and December the fewest hours of daylight. How did Guilderland folks in the late 1880s get through these months before electricity and all that it powers, the internet, and the automobile?

GUILDERLAND — Bill Buell will tell the story of a historic political upset. He’ll present a program titled “1912: George Lunn and the Socialist Takeover of Schenectady” for the Guilderland Historical Society on Thursday, April 20.

GUILDERLAND — “A Night With Tom Thorpe” will be the Guilderland Historical Society’s program at its March 16 meeting when this talented musician will be performing and talking about a selection of his favorite numbers.


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