Thompsons Lake, Sept. 5 2013

I am writing this column after going through a very sad weekend. As most of you know, I lost my only son, Danny, to a very tragic accident on Saturday.

I am slowly recovering and realizing my cup is half full even though it felt half empty on Saturday. Pastor Tim Van Heest, came by on Saturday night and spent time with me and my grandson, Brandon Clark. He told us how the Holy Spirit is always with us and will give us added strength.

I know you won’t believe this but I woke up Sunday morning feeling much stronger. Some days I had been really tired and feeling my age. It made me a believer.

I have to be superwoman for my granddaughter, Danielle. Danny was her rock and I felt like I couldn’t live without him, but faith has made me realize that God gave me a large loving family.

Many people knew Danny and, even though the media printed a negative story, I know most of you don’t believe the message that is printed or shown on TV to sell newspapers and television programs.

On Saturday, August 24, my niece, Teri Barton, came from Starkville, which is 7 miles west of Fort Plain, to visit me and the rest of the family.

Teri has just survived the last flood we had and it destroyed her basement and its contents and took her garage off its foundation.

Teri, her brother, Chris, Danny and I had lunch together and an enjoyable afternoon.

Babysitting Zoey

I watched my great-granddaughter, Zoey last week, as usual, and I keep observing her daily nap patterns. She’s 2 months old now and most of the time she sleeps late in the morning but on Wednesday she stayed awake all morning and now tries to talk more and more.

She makes cooing noises, laughs and is a very happy baby.

On Thursday, my granddaughter, Kyra, spent the day with Zoey and me.

Kyra told me about the childcare classes she took in sixth grade and then she played the music of her favorite groups for me.

Kyra loved being with Zoey and told me she wants to do more babysitting. She has been babysitting Iain for Jenn Smith. Kyra will be 12 years old on Oct. 22.