Jo E. Prout

Former New Scotland Republican Party Chairman Timothy Stanton passed the leadership baton to Deane Fish last week.

Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy signed Local Law L, which prohibits the sales of personal cosmetic products containing microbeads.

Robinson's Ace Hardware in Guilderland continues its expansion, purchasing Olsen's Ace Hardware & Garden Center in New Scotland to open Jan. 2. 

Creekside owner Bruce Boswell and the planning board smoothed out their issues with widening Miller Road, which led the board to grant final approval Tuesday. 

The planning board will decide if Cynthia Elliott's permit for a Christmas tree farm will continue when she no longer owns the property.

In the 19th Congressional seat, incumbent Republican Chris Gibson is self-imposing term limits while contemplating a run for state office.

A new law will allow police access to child abuse records, and require an employee of the Office of Children and Family Services to be available to overrule denials of records by local social services, in the case of a missing child.

“Usage is doubling year over year,” said Rick Andras, a radio frequency engineer for Verizon Wireless.

The zoning board held a public hearing for Charles Shufelt's application to run an auto-repair garage — an application that was denied by the town’s building inspector.

In December, a family sets aside the mundane and reads about the magical.


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