Jo E. Prout

Residents have until April 18 to file petitions to run, with a minimum of 25 signatures.

Heather Dolin, new to the zoning board, is continuing her family's legacy of serving the town, while newcomer and new father Daniel Leinung has begun his own service on the planning board.

Grateful veterans get the lowest exemption, as district administrators worry about re-allocating taxes to other residents. 

Funds from state and county grants, town parks, and private donations are being dedicated to the relocation of the Hilton barn to lands adjacent to the Albany County rail trail.

The town board proposed an amendment to allow a procedure for making exceptions to the term-limit rules for planning and zoning board members and appointed Laura Ten Eyck to the town board.

A potato effigy of an employee was hung and allowed to remain, according to a former town employee, but officials say every letter of the law has been followed. 

The Albany County Department of Public Works found large trees and brush close to the border of the rail trail in Slingerlands, but determined that the debris was on private property.

The state’s Urban Development Corporation, called Empire State Development, last month denied Henner’s Freedom of Information request for public records from the Broadband Program Office.

One seventh-grader, Gabrielle Dowd, is a finalist in a national essay contest for her work eliminating Styrofoam from school cafeterias. 

ALBANY — Affordable-housing industry representatives will meet here today, Thursday, to discuss the potential $250 million New York State funding that has been proposed to create affordable senior housing across the state.


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