Anne Hayden Harwood

GUILDERLAND — Guilderland dealt with growth in 2015 as SUNY Poly made plans to expand on its eastern edge, and Vincent Wolanin, after five years, got approval for 210 luxury apartments in Westmere.

“No area is exempt and these things tend to happen in cycles,” said Deputy Chief Curtis Cox.

Richard P. McGinn Jr., chief financial officer of the foundation, said this week there are currently no plans to develop the property.

He said it was the first time he has had an opponent, and the first time anyone running for the position in “recent history” has had an opponent.

GUILDERLAND — A resident living in the neighborhood behind Keenholts’ Park believes Guilderland Babe Ruth has overstepped its bounds in developing the property, but his concerns are largely unfounded.

Steve Buck, this week, said the construction company had never declared bankruptcy, but it was “looking to refinance the project.”

“I think the contributions were basically modest, for the most part,” Peter Barber said this week. “Most of mine were individuals who had no dealings before the zoning board, or any board, as far as I know.”

Herb Frauenberger, a retired New York Police officer now living in Guilderland, was on the scene when the Beatle was shot.

To preserve the foundation of their heritage, with development slowly chipping away at it, neighbors formally organized to become the not-for-profit Rapp Road Historical Association.

Former Supervisor Kenneth Runion retired on Nov. 23, before his term was up, because he sold his house and moved to Florida.


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