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Westmere Elementary School

A fourth and fifth case of COVID-19 within a week were announced on Monday by the Guilderland Central School District. This makes 20 cases for the district so far this school year.

State Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara

Republican Paul DeLorenzo, running for the 111th Assembly District, would need to be awarded 83 percent of the remaining Montgomery County votes to pull ahead of Democratic incumbent Angelo Santabarbara. 

Positive COVID-19 cases by ZIP code in Albany County

Areas are designated as yellow zones if, for 10  consecutive days, they have an infection rate, calculated as a seven-day rolling average, of 3-percent or greater. The state’s dashboard says that on Nov. 20, 21, and 22, Albany County had a seven-day rolling average of 3.1 percent followed by an average of 3.0 percent on Nov. 23, 24, and 25. Further, the state reports a seven-day rolling average of 3.6 percent on Nov. 26, of 3.5 percent on Nov. 27, and of 3.8 percent on Nov. 28. 

GUILDERLAND — Guilderland schools have two more cases of COVID-19, according to an email Superintendent Marie Wiles sent Saturday evening to families in the district.

A reconciliation of data with Albany Medical Center and St. Peter’s Hospital found 18 new Albany County residents are hospitalized with COVID-19, increasing the total of current hospitalizations to 61. Twelve of the 18 cases were newly admitted to the hospital on or after Nov. 25.

GUILDERLAND — A second COVID-19 case at Lynnwood Elementary School was announced this evening, Nov. 27, in an email Superintendent Marie Wiles sent to Guilderland Central School District families.

This makes a total of 16 confirmed cases for the district so far this school year.

ALBANY COUNTY — While Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy on Friday announced the county’s seven-day rolling average of infection rates at 3 percent, he also questioned the state’s calculations to arrive at that number.

ALBANY COUNTY — On Thanksgiving Day, the county sheriff said he wasn’t enforcing the 10-person restrictions for gatherings, and the governor downplayed Wednesday night’s United States Supreme Court decision striking down New York’s orders limiting religious gather

Part of the state’s winer plan for dealing with COVID-19 is keeping schools serving kindergarten through eighth grade open. The infection rate in those grades, Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Wednesday, “is generally lower than the local community, so you want children in school because it’s safer, not to mention they’re getting an education, their parents can go to work, et cetera.”

Two more county residents have died of COVID-19 and the county is in its fourth of 10 consecutive days of meeting a threshold that would declare it a precautionary yellow zone.

With every early, in-person, and mail-in ballot counted, Democrat Michelle Hinchey bested GOP-backed Richard Amedure, 77,272 to 74,647, to win the 46th District State Senate seat. 

Concerns over the hours Knox’s building inspector spends at his Albany job are unfounded without additional evidence, Knox Supervisor Vasilios Lefkaditis told The Enterprise.

On Tuesday, Albany County was on Day Three of 10 with COVID infection-rate numbers that would have it declared a yellow zone.

The president of the Carey Institute for Global Good says the pandemic shutdown has led the institute to list its campus for sale. 

Thanksgiving Community Dinner

Albany County’s health commissioner and executive have frequently urged residents to stay home with their immediate families for Thanksgiving. Both McCoy and Whalen have said that they themselves are not gathering with extended family but rather dining just with immediate family members at home.