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RENSSELAERVILLE — After disappearing for five months, a Richmondville teenager has been found in a Preston Hollow home. Four people who helped hide her — including a state-registered sex offender — have been arrested, police say.

Marc Molinaro, the Republican candidate for governor, stayed firm on his moderate stance while grabbing the attention of the GOP in a rural area of Albany County that has had Democrats and Republicans vote for Trump and swinging conservative.

George Piha

BETHLEHEM — A traffic stop in Slingerlands has led to the arrest of George Piha, 50, for a string of thefts from lockers at the Bethlehem YMCA, according to a release from the Bethlehem Police who are investigating Piha’s ties to locker thefts across the state.

BETHLEHEM — Frederick N. Fuhrman, 34, was located by Bethlehem Police on Friday, July 17, at about 4 p.m., walking in the town of Bethlehem.

Ricky W. Hines

GUILDERLAND — Nearly four months after the Bank of America at 1450 Western Ave. was robbed, Ricky W. Hines, 40, of Gloversville, was charged with third-degree robbery.

It was the ninth annual Adoption Day run by The Animal Hospital and Steve Caporizzo — the News 10 ABC weatherman who runs a Pet Connection program — with Healthy Pet Center. According to Caporizzo, about 30 rescue groups and shelters took part. The day brought at least 150 adoptions or applications likely to result in adoptions, Caporizzo said, and $20,000 was raised, with $18,000 handed out to the groups that participated.

Frederick N. Fuhrman

BETHLEHEM — Frederick N. Fuhrman, 34, was last seen in Delmar on July 23. His family and police are trying to find him as it is out of the ordinary for Fuhrman not to be in contact with family for so many days, the Bethlehem Police said in an July 28 release.

GUILDERLAND — Just 21 votes separated Bryan Clenahan and Christine Napierski July 26 at the Guilderland Democratic caucus, which was conducted using paper ballots rather than a voice vote or a show of hands because so many voters — 285 — turned up at Tawasentha Park.

At a packed Democratic caucus in Tawasentha Park Thursday, Bryan Clenahan beat Christine Napierski, 153 to 132, to be the nominee for town justice.

Nicholas Helton

After driving erratically while high, Nicholas Helton, 34, pleaded guilty to driving while ability impaired by drugs, according to a release from the Albany County District Attorney’s Office.

He made the plea before Judge Peter A. Lynch in Albany County Court on July 20.

Faiza Salman, a native of Pakistan, was just 19 when she came to America; her father had arranged for her to marry a fellow Pakistani who had been state-side for over a decade. She experienced culture shock, but not how you’d think.

A 5K race and a soccer camp are two of the latest events created by the Helderberg Family & Community Organization, which is made up of former members of the Knox Youth Council who resigned from the council this month.

Lindsey Parietti  took a circuitous path to her first British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award. It’s a journey that began in Altamont and wended its way through Boston, Egypt, West Africa, to her current home, in the United Kingdom.

“We feel that music is a very powerful tool for evangelization; that sometimes music can move and stir the soul in directions that, maybe, something else hasn’t,” said Peggy McQuade, the pastoral associate for hospitality at Saint Matthew’s Church in Voorheesville.