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Started as an online gateway to local foods, FarmieMarket was Sarah Avery Gordon’s way for small, local farmers like her father to reach customers who increasingly shop online.

A bridge over Fox Creek will be strengthened using federal grant money to prevent the erosion of its foundation, the governor’s office announced last week.

Brenda McClaine, a math teacher charged with stealing over $100,000 from her union, is scheduled in county court the day classes start.

GUILDERLAND — Two people who work for the Guilderland schools — clerk Sally Dague and science teacher Alan Fiero — each saw a need and acted to fill it. The district last week announced grants received through their initiatives.

GUILDERLAND — School-district taxpayers will be paying less than projected when they went to the polls last May to pass a $92 million budget for this year. Assessments were higher than expected in Guilderland, and Bethlehem recently went through town-wide property revaluation.

In order to get toilet water from the Berne hamlet into the Fox Creek below, it has to be cleaned through the sewer district’s treatment facility, which recently started flowing wastewater through its tanks and coarse sand filter.

VOORHEESVILLE — The village board meeting this week centered on traffic issues in Voorheesville, as drivers adjust to road construction and deal with speeders.

Kristin Mack, who found Berne in her search for a rural practice to begin her career as a doctor of osteopathy, said her native community in West Virginia has many similarities with the rural Hilltowns.

The Altamont post of the American Legion raised well over $15,000 toward a proposed housing complex that would support veterans struggling with homelessness and addiction.

New Scotland is beginning its search for a consultant to help make its idea of a hamlet center a reality.

Creekside is one of many proposed subdivisions in New Scotland, and, although the project has been on the table for years, it is far from approval.

Voorheesville has opted back in to the federal lunch program and mapped out what staff positions will be helping with the large fourth-grade class.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has gone viral on social media this summer as those being challenged have 24 hours to respond, film and post a of video of the ice-dumping, and then challenge someone else.

At age 101, Edna Renaldi visited and cheered for the farm animals at the Altamont Fair last week.

St. Boniface Episcopal Church, at 5148 Western Ave. in Guilderland, is expanding with a project that will make the church accessible for those with mobility issues.