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Recent weeks have been very busy. Summer is a great time for outdoor activities.

Jim and I were sitting in the living room with the television turned on playing quietly to no one in particular. I was reading a book, and Jim was working on a word puzzle. At some point I realized that there was some music playing. I scoured the room to detect its origin, and being unsuccessful, I gave up the search.

Monday, June 23, was my Zoey day. Zoey was a little under the weather. Between getting shots for her first year check up and cutting teeth, she was running a slight fever and not feeling up to par. She didn’t eat much.

The sun was hot, the weather beautiful, and our thoughts went to, you guessed it, time for a road trip. We called our friends, Di and Harvey Levin and said ,”Do you want to pack a bag and join us on a short trip out west?”  They readily agreed and with a little preplanning we were off on another adventure.