Thompsons Lake

Monday, June 23, was my Zoey day. Zoey was a little under the weather. Between getting shots for her first year check up and cutting teeth, she was running a slight fever and not feeling up to par. She didn’t eat much.

Zoey and I went out back and played under the Locust trees for a couple of hours where it was cool. Zoey loves playing peek-a-boo with a blanket or just a towel. Jenn Smith paid us a visit on her lunch break as she also loves playing with Zoey.

In the evening I went to the historical society meeting and learned the history of the Berne Conservation Gun Club.

It was started in 1932. Trap shooting is one of their main activities. They are a member of the Albany County Alliance of Sportsman Clubs, sponsor boys from the area to summer conservation camp, and teach young people the fundamentals of gun handling and good sportsmanship.

On Tuesday, June 24, Zoey still wasn’t feeling well and still running a fever. Danielle stayed home and I went with her to the pediatrician. Zoey’s ear and throat were sore and the doctor prescribed an antibiotic.

Danielle and I bought some Chinese food and enjoyed lunch together.

On Wednesday, June 25, Zoey still wasn’t feeling that well and Danielle stayed home again. I went on the dinner visit with Brandon. Both Samson and Nichole passed and we felt like it was a celebration. Samson is going in seventh grade at Golding School in Cobleskill and Nichole will be going into third grade at Radez School in Richmondville. They live in Richmondville with their mother, Veronica.

Kyra Swan, my youngest granddaughter will be going into eighth grade at Berne-Knox-Westerlo. Iain Bullis, Jen Smith’s son, will be going into third grade at BKW and will have Mrs. Kranker as his teacher. She is a great friend of our family, a wonderful teacher, and was in Miles’s graduating class and one of best friends. Nichole will have Mrs. Henry as her teacher.

On Thursday, June 26, I went shopping for a new kitchen faucet. Mine has had a drip since September so it’s time I got it fixed.

Friday, June 27, was grocery shopping for me and then I went with Brandon to pick up Samson and Nichole for the weekend. Iain also went with us. Brandon treated us to ice cream at Stewart’s in Schoharie.

Later, I ate Pizza with Brandon, Jenn, and the children. They had set up the picnic table on the porch of the new house. Jenn had tied ribbons on the front door of the new house and we had a ribbon cutting ceremony. Samson read the “Blessing for the New House,” and each one of us took a turn cutting a ribbon.

On Saturday, June 28, Brandon, Jenn, and the children were still moving and cleaning at the green house. Brandon’s mom, Marcia Pangburn, was helping them.

The children slipped away for some of the time and played in the creek with Michelle Puzulis and swam with her in her pool.

I went with Kathy and Gary Carnevale and my older daughter, Marcia Pangburn, to a retirement party for Danny’s friend, Jimmy Gendron, at his home in Latham.

Jimmy retired from UPS and he and his wife, Jeanette, were frequent visitors to Danny’s house. I knew many of Danny’s co-workers and enjoyed spending time with them.

On Sunday, June 29, after church I enjoyed a visit with Kathy and Gary, then Marcia, and later Brandon, Jenn, Samson, Nichole, and Iain. I did go up to Danielle and Matt’s house and played with Zoey.

June is ending but it has been refreshing to enjoy the outdoors and our beautiful countryside.

Thompson’s Lake

Reformed Church

Beginning Sunday, July 6, and throughout the months of July and August, we will be worshipping on a revised Sunday morning schedule. Until September we will worship from 9 to 9:45 a.m., and Knox will worship from 10:15 to 11 a.m.

Summer is a great time for growing. Devote an extra hour a week to your spiritual imagination, Bible study, and thoughtful discussion. In parallel with the Sunday morning sermons through this summer on the themes of the Book of Genesis. Come on Wednesday evenings starting on July 9, from 7 to 8 p.m., and watch a video discussion with not only scholars of the Old Testament but also artists and attorneys; both Christians and Jews.

It will provoke thinking and discussion as divergent views are presented. The Rev. Tim Van Heest will convene the event and facilitate our sharing.

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