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I always enjoy time with my family and today I am reminiscing about the last week. On Saturday, August 17, my granddaughter, Kassi Neal, spent the afternoon with me. We prepared a lunch together and had a very pleasant visit.

After a week of listening to fair music, rides and concessionaires calling to get your attention, the quiet is almost disturbing. Many people are remembering the rides and food at the fair while others are thinking about the end of summer, which seems to be rapidly approaching.

It was another great week to eat from the garden. We really enjoyed our fill of zucchini dipped in egg, then flour and sautéed.

On Thursday, my grandson, Miles Pangburn and his wife, Melissa, joined my son, Dan and me for a steak dinner.

 Fair week is always an exciting week around our house. I have spent all of fair week on the grounds in one capacity or another for most of our life here in Altamont.

Years ago, St. Lucy’s Church ran a food concession, and our entire family worked in the restaurant for many, many years.

This was the week I started a new position that I haven’t had experience with for a few years. My youngest great-grandchild, Nichole had turned 7 in December and now my granddaughter, Danielle arrived at 7:15 a.m., with 7-week-old Zoey for me to care for.

When our children were small, we would have them call from the top of the stairs to let us know that they were awake and ready to come downstairs to see if Santa Claus had arrived. You could hear the squeals of delight as they jumped up and down waiting for us to come up to rescue them from the long wait. 

This has been one of those eating from the garden weeks. We have enjoyed green beans, zucchini, green peppers and tomatoes. We also have eggplant.

You just feel better when eating fresh foods grown as you watched.

Every once in a while you may see a re-run clip of a young voluptuous blond, dressed in a bikini running on a beach. As she splashes through the edge of the surf, music from Ravels ‘Bolero” builds to an exciting crescendo filling the screen with excitement.

Talk about having a good week, last week was terrific. My grandson, Brandon Clark and I picked up his children, Samson and Nichole, for an entire week with their dad.

Their first wish was to swim in Warner’s Lake with Jenn Smith and her son, Iain. I was invited to come and almost backed out but was glad I went.

With all of the rain over the past several days, I was curious about the forecast for the coming week. Settling into my comfortable chair was easy. The day had been unusually testy and I was ready for some wholesome entertainment.