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ALBANY COUNTY — Summer’s siren song calls people to the Helderberg escarpment every year.  This Saturday, it will be given a defined voice as Thacher Park hosts a day-long concert.

Guilderland School Board united in re-appointing Emilio Genzano

GUILDERLAND — Emilio Genzano is happy to be back on the Guilderland School Board.

GCSD names Dr. Wiles super
She plans to make decisions that match the community

GUILDERLAND — When Marie Wiles runs, as she does every weekend, she doesn’t have an iPod in her ear.

$500K from DOT will start $7M project to ease flooding in McKownville

Knox Country Store closes its doors

By Zach Simeone

ALBANY COUNTY — In three years, a roundabout with a bridge over it may ease traffic jams on Fuller Road.

GUILDERLAND — The Circle of Champs program gives seriously ill children and their families a chance to make friends, give and receive support, and help each other heal.

GUILDERLAND — An internal investigation in the police department here could lead to the suspension of in-car computer use for at least four officers.

The town of about 34,000 residents has approximately 30 officers.

ALBANY COUNTY — More fake bills are being passed in Albany County stores than ever before.

By Zach Simeone

RENSSELAERVILLE — Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Galway Kinnell will make his way to the Hilltowns this weekend to share his thoughts with an audience of 100.

NEW SCOTLAND — Krumkill Road is open again and will likely move slightly to the south.

By Zach Simeone

BERNE — After more than a decade of disrepair, the Kaehler Lane Bridge is scheduled to be rebuilt within the month.

NEW SCOTLAND — Volunteer firefighters want to replace a roughly 60-year-old firehouse in Feura Bush with a larger $1 million firehouse in the next few years.

The Neighborhood Nanny drop-in child-care program is now open for busy parents who need a few hours during the day to get things done.