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ALBANY COUNTY — Everything is within reach for Ryland Loos.

He has made it so.

GUILDERLAND — The school board postponed a closed session it had planned for Tuesday night after a number of school board members decided not to go.

At issue is whether the executive session would have been legal.

Tied by the code
Cancer case points to need for updated law

NEW SCOTLAND — James Lynch has Stage 2 cancer, but he may live longer than two years.

GUIDLERLAND — A new restaurant will open on Western Avenue in two weeks, in a building that has been vacant for over three years.

Size-cap bill moves
Trio delivers on campaign promise

What makes Redlich run?

GUILDERLAND — While many New Yorkers are anticipating a Democratic primary for governor, a handful of Libertarians hope to see their candidate force a GOP primary.

GUILDERLAND — Tuesday morning, responding to New York’s fiscal crisis, Governor David Paterson outlined a state budget with deep cuts, including a $1.1 billion reduction in state aid to education.

GUILDERLAND — The town is enforcing its zoning laws to get rid of its illegal junkyards.

Man arrested for posing as a fire inspector

GUILDERLAND — An Albany man was arrested Saturday for impersonating a fire inspector in order to scam money, and the Guilderland Police helped solve the crime.

FMS team designs Future City that makes homes for the homeless

GUILDERLAND — The earthquake hadn’t hit Haiti when the students at Farnsworth Middle School designed a Future City that would help provide housing for survivors of such a disaster.

Metro 20 takes town to court

GUILDERLAND — The Metro 20 Diner on Western Avenue is seeking to reduce its assessed value by nearly $1 million, and will take the town to court on March 1.