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District 30
Newcomer Clenahan runs unopposed

Filling in at V’ville
Diegel is ‘a perfect fit’

VOORHEESVILLE – Ed Diegel says he has a "soft spot" in his heart for Voorheesville.

District 31
GOP’s Danz challenges incumbent Aylward

ALTAMONT — The race to represent western Guilderland in the Albany County Legislature is on.

ALBANY COUNTY — A political candidate who calls himself "a true Conservative" is questioning the absentee ballot process.

District 32
Mary Lou Connolly

ALBANY COUNTY — After serving four consecutive four-year terms, Mary Lou B. Connolly is seeking a fifth in the Albany County Legislature.

Riexinger blazes trail
First woman to head state’s Fish & Wildlife

BERNE — Patricia Riexinger is the first woman to head the state’s Fish, Wildlife, and Marine Resources Department.

District 32
Anton Konev

GUILDERLAND — Anton Konev, making his first run for the Albany County Legislature, describes himself as a community activist.

District 33
Patrick Greene

ALBANY COUNTY — If Republican Patrick Greene is elected to the Albany County Legislature, he says he won’t be using his $20,000 annual salary.

District 33
Herbert Reilly

District 38
Charles Houghtaling

District 39
Stevens challenges incumbent Gordon

HILLTOWNS — A state engineer and Knox native son is challenging a popular Democratic incumbent to represent the Hilltowns in the Albany County Legislature.

McGuire takes the helm at Guilderland,
prepared to steer an inclusive course

GUILDERLAND — For the first time in at least 20 years, the school board here has appointed a new superintendent with a split vote.

GUILDERLAND — A drunk high school student backed into a cop’s car last Thursday before she sped off and crashed into a telephone pole, Guilderland Police say.

GUILDERLAND — Following up on a local tip and a warrant from the Saranac Lake Police Department in the Adirondacks, Guilderland Police arrested a registered sex offender last Friday for failing to notify authorities of an address change.