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Riexinger blazes trail
First woman to head state’s Fish & Wildlife

BERNE — Patricia Riexinger is the first woman to head the state’s Fish, Wildlife, and Marine Resources Department.

District 32
Anton Konev

GUILDERLAND — Anton Konev, making his first run for the Albany County Legislature, describes himself as a community activist.

District 33
Patrick Greene

ALBANY COUNTY — If Republican Patrick Greene is elected to the Albany County Legislature, he says he won’t be using his $20,000 annual salary.

District 33
Herbert Reilly

District 38
Charles Houghtaling

District 39
Stevens challenges incumbent Gordon

HILLTOWNS — A state engineer and Knox native son is challenging a popular Democratic incumbent to represent the Hilltowns in the Albany County Legislature.

GUILDERLAND — A Republican challenger is saying his Democratic rival, David Bosworth, has a serious conflict of interest.
Bosworth says there is no conflict, and Republican Mark Grimm has gone "too far" in his accusations.

HILLTOWNS — Alexander "Sandy" Gordon, the incumbent Albany County legislator representing the Hilltowns, beat challenger Kevin Crosier in a landslide Tuesday, according to unofficial Democratic primary results from the county’s board of elections.

School leaders say
Project Strive is valuable

GUILDERLAND — Project Strive has been serving Guilderland students in need since 1993, and those who work closely with the program praise it.

RENSSELAERVILLE — Republicans running for town office swept a small Conservative Party primary on Tuesday.

Ten Conservatives voted.

GUILDERLAND — Candidates for town board have agreed that Democrats got the Conservative line in Tuesday’s primary, although no official results are available.

RENSSELAERVILLE — Changes are being made for the town’s newsletter.

Comptroller Conners wins
Takes cities and rural areas

ALBANY COUNTY — After being shunned by the party, Michael Conners got the green light from the county’s Democratic voters in yesterday’s primary for comptroller.

R’ville highway super
Show me more money to work with

District 31
GOP’s Danz challenges incumbent Aylward

ALTAMONT — The race to represent western Guilderland in the Albany County Legislature is on.