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Gallery review
Lobel makes a statement "about hoiw art can affect the human condition"

NYS last in nation
Still no decision on voting machines

Zoning board tackles issues
Big sign allowed in plaza

2006 GCSD report card
Highlighting strong high-school finishes, after challenges along the way

FMS trio
Presents film at Smithsonian

Senior pranksters clear books from library
While juniors paint new slogan on water tower

On Thomas’s senior housing
Re-zone recommended

ALTAMONT — St. Patrick, Martin Luther King, the Presidents — and Susan Mc Gaughanea. All of them have their own day.

Camp planned
Cabins for the creative

Police say
BOCES teacher caught with Coke

Will re-tool to cut costs
Village rejects contracts for firehouse renovations

By Michelle O’Riley

BERNE — Eva Messer’s troubles didn’t end with her short life. The 21-year-old’s grave is the source of one of the Hilltowns’ most persistent rumors: that there’s a witch buried there.

KNOX — Most older people move south, from New York to Florida. Paul Schneider went in the other direction to give two of his daughters the opportunity of a lifetime: to run their own fine-dining restaurant.

Miller mourned"Lived every single moment to the fullest"