Listen: Zach Appio, telling stories with Odd Concept Media

Zach Appio

Zach Appio



Zach Appio is a storyteller. When he and his brother, Frank, were both seniors at RPI five years ago, they produced a prize-winning psychological thriller, “The Baby Monitor.” Now, Zach has found new ways to tell stories — through comics and music. From his fertile imagination — he taps ideas into his computer and jots on notebooks around his home, even next to his bed — have sprung three comics. “Just T & Cakes” — watch out for verbal and visual puns in Appio’s work — tells the story of a neat sloth named T — he wears a bowtie — and a messy goat named Cakes in a same-sex but different-species marriage. Their love shines bright as they take on life in a big human city. “Tish & Squish” is the tale of two look-alike cats that, as in Mark Twain’s “The Prince and the Pauper,” trade places. Finally, “The Home” is a spooky story of kids in a 1970s orphanage who are given stuffed animals that come to life. The teddy bear, Chunks — Appio sewed patches on a bear himself — is a symbol for Appio’s company, Odd Concept Media. In the same way children invent lives for a favorite toy animal, Appio has invented lives for his characters. Appio has also produced an album — think Jabberwocky, all nonsense syllables, with hip-hop and rap music — that he composed himself from his Altamont bedroom: Zac Roc — Irritable Vowels. Hear his music and his ideas in this week's podcast.

More Guilderland News

  • Guilderland Supervisor Peter Barber is expecting a 20-percent reduction in sales-tax revenues for the second quarter, which amounts to a loss of about half-of-a-million dollars. But, he said, the town, is “in fairly good shape” financially since it has “healthy reserves,” which he described as being “in the millions of dollars.” He has no immediate plans to lay off or furlough town workers.

  • On Saturday, about 100 people marched in Altamont in support of Black Lives Matter. One marched as a Wobbly, another as a Jew, a third as a teacher, a fourth as a mother. At the end, they knelt together in silence for eight minutes and 45 seconds to honor George Floyd. 

  • Three incumbents — Herb Hennings, Mark Keeling, and Phil Metzger — are running to keep their seats on the Guilderland Public Library Board of Trustees. They are being challenged by Marcia Alazraki and Richard Rubin.

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