Upstate NY should divide from downstate

To the Editor:

The overwhelming majority of the state of New York consists of small to medium-sized communities set in rural and suburban climates as in our area; generally conservative values blend with moderate liberal ideals to create a unique political platform.

Meanwhile, the downstate counties that make up New York City are significantly more liberal leaning in their values and are world famous for the size and power of the most significant city in the world.

It is equally unfair to both upstate and downstate residents to share the same representative government; the vast differences in lifestyle and aspirations demonstrate that both downstate and upstate should have their own autonomous governments so as to more effectively serve their constituents. Since Congressional approval is not needed, the autonomous regions method is more likely to succeed!

If everyone would write a letter to their local town boards and ask them to support a “home rule resolution” and then once adopted send it on to your New York State Senators and Assemblymen who represent you. They in turn are obligated to introduce the bill if a municipality in their district passes a home-rule resolution.

The proposed amendment bill numbers are: A05498 - S5416  (an outline that explains it can be found at this link: )

Here is a sample resolution for adoption: “Whereas: The views of people who live in the upstate and downstate areas of New York State are very different and really should be divided into separate states, or completely autonomous regions, it is therefore resolved: that the ( City/Town/Village) of (city/town/village name) in  Albany  (or insert your county) County have adopted this home-rule resolution and request our New York State legislators support an amendment to our New York State constitution to divide our state into completely autonomous regions; the New Amsterdam, the Montauk, and the New York Regions with only a token state government. The proposed amendment is New York State legislative bill numbers  A05498 - S5416.”

And then sign your own name.

It’s time we had true representation for upstate New York.   

Betty Peck Filkins


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