What would Jesus say about Pratt’s last letter?

To the Editor:

Having just received The Enterprise via the USPS, I read it to keep up with the doings in Altamont and the Hilltowns.

Occasionally the ex- police chief of Altamont submits one of his less-than-enlightening opinions and the latest is a doozy [“We need a fighter/warrior for a leader,” Aug. 8, 2019].

To summarize my thoughts on his comment, I remember working in the Tampa Bay area of Florida in the early 1970s. Now for those who aren't old enough, Florida had a deluge of Cubans arrive in those times, and the “crackers” (native Floridians as they were referred to) had a phrase regarding their migrating there and it went like this: “We don't need any of your kind around here, Boy.”

That is the gist of George Pratt’s latest inflammatory-laden post. WWJD [What would Jesus do] or say about his comments?

John Kilcher


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