We need a fighter/warrior for a leader

To the Editor:

The letter I am about to write may or not be appreciated, but it is based on 91 years of life experience with consistent broad background — including my time as a school student, a sailor ( areal one - 10 yrs), a private investigator, Altamont’s police chief, a cowboy, a tractor trailer driver, a bus driver, and an elected official. Enough said!

What I’m getting at is a world which is using the word “racism” in a derogatory sense daily primarily in the area of politics.

I am not personally fond of this rhetoric but Donald Trump is doing a good job for the people of this country. Economically employment is rising and he has convinced many foriegn nations to cooperate. He deals from a position of strength. He doesn’t try to buy their cooperation as did Barack Obama, George W. Bush and many other presidents and have any common sense knows what I’m talking about.

Seventy-five years ago, a relative of mine in politics told me what was going to happen: It is the goal of presidents and all politicians to get rid of our form of government. What he told me then has come to pass, but at the age of 15 I didn’t pay any attention. I wish personally he had kept his mouth shut. 

Today, politics is primarily the result of self-engaged politicians, both Democrats and Republicans mostly Democrats.

The most destructive failings in the United States are raised by Democrats. 

This is easy to prove: Just check the political order for example in San Francisco, Baltimore, New York, or Los Angeles. I could go on forever.

I wrote a letter a few months ago, stating that the political Washington Democrats were going to slowly destroy what used to be a well balanced operation, my uncle who told me what was coming, unfortunately was right.

In this day and age, we need a fighter/warrior for a leader not another Obama or Bush who believed that soft pedaling was the road to success.

P.S. The politicians are destroying our constitutional form of government. Vote the ins, out.

George Pratt


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