Food-court seating at mall should be allowed

To the Editor:

After many months of malls being closed, most businesses within them have been allowed to open again. As a food-service provider, we were pleased to re-start our counter operation at the Crossgates food court.

Unfortunately, the mall’s food-court common-seating area is still closed. This is unfair to us and our patrons, who have resorted to sitting on the floor, eating while walking, or using other surfaces to eat what they have bought.

Our seating areas could be operated at reduced capacity (50 percent), just like freestanding cafés and restaurants elsewhere in the mall and outside in our community. In fact, the air quality at our food court is probably safer than most other food establishments, since the mall’s HVAC [heating, ventilation, air-conditioning] system was upgraded to meet the state’s new standards.

As our public officials advocate for fair treatment of food-court businesses that create jobs and support our economy, please support them.

David Cafarelli


Brown Bag Sub Shoppe

Crossgates Mall


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