Insiders should not use democratic system to reward friends

To the Editor:

Each Democratic voter of the 32nd District of Guilderland has the opportunity and privilege on Primary Day, to vote as an individual, not as a member of a cult of loyalists, to the party!

Paul Miller is a very good man who has successfully and ethically served the taxpayers of the 32nd District and should have been endorsed by all Democrats for re-election. But instead he must fight in a primary. Why? Because an insider wants his job.

Ask your Democratic Committee member if he or she knows of any legitimate reason why they did not endorse Paul. If compelled to swear to an answer, it would be: That’s what they were told to do.

The taxpayers of our town should tell the insiders that they should not use the democratic system to reward their friends and to punish others whom they cannot control.

I enthusiastically endorse Paul Miller for re-election to the Albany County Legislature from the 32nd district.

Eugene E. Napierski, Esq.


Editor’s note: Mickey Cleary, who says he has been a Guilderland Democratic committeeman for 28 years, told The Enterprise that Paul Miller initially said he wasn’t running. “If he hadn’t stepped down, I wouldn’t have run,” Cleary told The Enterprise. Miller showed him all the forms he had to fill out and helped him figure out what he needed to do to run, Cleary said, but then changed his mind and decided to run after Cleary was already invested in his own campaign.

Paul Miller told The Enterprise that he had, indeed, told Guilderland’s Democratic Party chairman that he wouldn’t be running. “My stepson was very sick over the summer,” he explained. But, when his stepson’s condition improved, he decided he would run after all, said Miller.