Stewart's Shops

 The village board is set to make a decision on the application at the public hearing scheduled for Tuesday night at 7 p.m. at the village hall.

Robert M. Rabbin, Altamont

Ed Cowley III, Altamont

James R. Greene, who headed the village planning board when Stewart’s was exploring options in Altamont, said it was “an outright fabrication” that the board had suggested purchasing property in order to resolve issues.

Michael McNeany, Altamont

Ed Cowley III, Altamont

Kristin Casey, Altamont

In a home-rule state like New York, zoning can counterbalance larger economic forces that shape the way we live.

Beth and Spencer Tyson, Altamont

A family will be searching for a new home if Stewart's expands. But they say suitable rent is so scarce that the move could push them out of the village.


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