Stewart's Shops

After purchasing Red-Kap Sales, a regional gasoline and convenience store company, Stewart’s Shops will take over Berne’s Mobil gas station, on the Helderberg Trail.

These massive tanks for gasoline are now underground in what will become the parking lot for the expanded Stewart's Shop in Altamont.

The chain has 340 locations in 31 counties across upstate New York and Southern Vermont and has invested $150 million in shop construction over the last three years; Stewart's will have 19 new shops in 2020.

After five years, three village boards, two rezones, and one lawsuit, Stewart’s Shops has the approval it needs to build a new shop in Altamont.

If all goes as planned, work could begin on a new Altamont Stewart’s in the next couple of weeks.  

Harvey Vlahos​, Altamont

        The Altamont Planning Board will next meet on May 19 to consider the proposed Stewart’s project, but the company has already responded to questions raised at the board’s April meeting. 

The Altamont Planning Board on Monday extended the public hearing on Stewart’s Shops special-use permit application and site-plan approval for its proposed Altamont Boulevard project.

Not even a pandemic could keep Stewart’s from receiving its variances. 

Edna Litten, Altamont


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