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Stewart’s Shops Feura Bush

Stewart’s Shops is looking revamp its store with gas pumps in Feura Bush, and with its variance requests approved, the company appears to be on its way to updating its shop at 1360 Indian Fields Road.

At a special meeting, the Altamont Zoning Board of Appeals unanimously  overturned a decision made by the village’s building inspector on Stewart’s proposed Altamont Boulevard project. Zoning-board member Kathryn Provencher was part of the unanimous decision, two weeks after Stewart’s Shops had asked that she recuse herself because, the company said, she was biased against the proposed project.

A request for an interpretation as to what the proposed Stewart’s project on Altamont Boulevard should be designated as — a convenience store or a gasoline service station — was left unanswered by the Altamont Zoning Board at its monthly meeting due to an out-of-left-field request made by Stewart’s.  

VOORHEESVILLE — The second public hearing on the proposed updates to Voorheesville’s zoning code, again, brought out representatives from Stewart’s, who offered a preview of what the company was prepared to do if changes to the zoning code were approved.

In the future, the lot just behind the proposed Stewart’s may be occupied by a bank or some kind of office or shop, according to a Stewart’s representative.

ALTAMONT — A small group of Altamont residents is suing the village’s board of trustees as well as Stewart’s Shops, seeking to overturn a zoning change approved by the village board, in a split vote, las

 Stewart’s Shops was before the Altamont Zoning Board of Appeals

Stewart’s Shops continues to move forward in its attempt to build a new store at 1001 Altamont Blvd. Last week, the company presented to the Altamont Zoning Board of Appeals its proposal for five area variances; the board in turn set a public hearing for May 14.

As Voorheesville moves to codify its comprehensive plan into law, residents and business representatives voiced their concerns at a public hearing on the proposed update to the village’s zoning code.

Stewart’s is moving forward in its attempt to build a new store at its current site at 1001 Altamont Blvd. The company will be before the Altamont Zoning Board of Appeals on April 9, seeking variances to construct the new shop.

The Altamont Planning Board this week got its first chance to offer comment on the new shop Stewart’s is proposing to build in the village.


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