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My empty canning jars are stockpiled and ready for harvest season. I saved them all year, filling a few here and there with pickles from a friend’s leftover cucumbers and jam from a couple pints of strawberries. The majority, however, sit empty. I set out last week to rectify that with some donated elderberries.

Many backyard gardeners rely on a routine of caretaking for their plants. But as temperatures rise and weather becomes more extreme, it has become necessary to adapt.

WESTERLO — Westerlo Rural Cemetery is called “rural” not because of its setting but because it was created to be a new kind of burial place — a restful place for the living as well as for the deceased.

To the Editor:

When you  get home, how long are you on your phone for? How long is it before you do your homework because of your phone? I take a least one hour on my phone before I do anything else; there is so much to catch up on — especially because there is no Internet at school.

To the Editor:

Eww, nasty, what's that, it moves, what is this — food?

These are most of the reactions I get from my friends when they eat school lunches. It goes from soggy wraps to uncooked fish and chicken. The most disgusting of all is, "There is a hair in it" — very unhealthy and unsatisfying.

To the Editor:

Every year, it’s the same story — violent shootings in various different places. School shootings, church shootings, everywhere there are shootings.

To the Editor:

Food prices are rising, and they shouldn’t be. This is not a good thing, because rising prices usually aren't good for people in poverty, and the only reason is because the food industry wants more money.

To the Editor:

Homework is a well fought-over topic on weather it's good or bad but let me tell you my view.  Homework is with us all the time and, when we think we are finished, we get more.

The Altamont Fair is currently refurbishing the old wooden sign on Route 146.

Pam Harder has been keeping an eye on the wild mustard near her Thompsons Lake Road home.

“It’s up,” she said last week.


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