Is this my lunch?

To the Editor:

Eww, nasty, what's that, it moves, what is this — food?

These are most of the reactions I get from my friends when they eat school lunches. It goes from soggy wraps to uncooked fish and chicken. The most disgusting of all is, "There is a hair in it" — very unhealthy and unsatisfying.

Schools  are limiting quantities of foods in lunch. More schools are reducing number of fried foods from 2012.

I eat school lunch every day and I have never had a problem till now. I could bear the hair in my food or the uncooked fish but, when they take away my vending machine and give me lower quantities of food, I can’t help but scream and shout.

When kids are not getting too much of the right amount of food, they will be hungry and their minds will wander in class; that leads to bad grades and then the good kids can’t get into college. Let me stop myself before I get to homelessness or even death by some terrifying disease….

Schools have banned cupcakes and it was someone's birthday and they made them throw the cupcakes out and no more cupcakes are allowed on the school’s grounds. No more sweets and no more cupcakes.

Kids should be able to have sweets every once and awhile. The year after I left elementary school, they banned cute cupcakes, delicious Danish, and beautiful brownies — all gone.

I know schools are just trying to just make us eat healthier but making students choose two fruits and two vegetables, the vegetables are just going to be thrown away.

Like my mom always says: Too much of something is bad for you, including vegetables.

Valencia Fontenelle Posson

Farnsworth Middle School

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