Habitats of North American birds, especially wintering grounds in Central America, face their greatest threat from human activities, according to a recent study published in the journal Global Change Biology.





State biologists are trying to better understand the wild turkey. The Department of Environmental Conservation is asking citizens to record their observations of turkeys this summer.

In Berne, the town-owned property of Switzkill Farm will be the site Saturday of a day-long species count and biological survey known as Bioblitz.

An 18-year-old high school student won an award at a research conference for his study of cancer cells. 

Veteran science teacher Alan Fiero, who started the popular butterfly station at Farnsworth Middle School and ran it for many years, is worried about the way it has been managed since his resignation.

One of the topics, the state’s Mesonet system, will become especially relevant as Indian Ladder Farms plans to install a state Mesonet structure to gather data.

Students demonstrated and investigated the more visual properties of some scientific phenomena.


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