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Retired Guilderland teacher Timothy Horan had been elected vice president of the board last July. 

Voorheesville School Board member Michael Canfora resigned at the end of October; there’s now a push to make the replacement process a public one.

Being a pediatrician involved in caring for children who have been abused involves many “inspiring moments,” says Rebecca Butterfield, M.D., who has been selected to join Guilderland’s school board. 

Bill Dergosits runs his fingers over a Promethean board

Bill Dergosits stressed that the Promethean board is “a tool, not a toy.”

Courtney Sherwin

The Berne-Knox-Westerlo School Board voted to have an attorney review the board of education handbook, which states that the board president must act as the voice of the board, after another board member contacted the press.

Four posts are open on Guilderland’s board of education, and almost all members who are up for re-election are unsure if they will run.

Allan Simpson

Allan Simpson was the last choice of voters in May, but the first choice of the board of education in November.

At its May 23 meeting, several Guilderland school board members did raise questions about whether incidents from Horan’s campaign violated regulations.

Although graduation is not until Saturday, many goodbyes were said at Berne-Knox-Westerlo’s campus on Monday night. 

Newly elected board member Helen Lounsbury called for more public input at an upcoming organizational meeting. Other members questioned how involved the public should be in decisions by the board members it elected.


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